Preschoolers: 2 1/2 years to 5 years

During these years a child learns how to relate to others; express feelings and needs; solve problems; become competent in many areas.

In the Early Learning Centers each child’s routines associated with hellos/good-byes, diapering/toileting, eating, napping and dressing are respected. Each child’s emotional needs are responded to with warm comforting holding, rocking, singing, etc.

A Day In The Life Of

Jane arrives at the center around 7:30. She looks forward to breakfast with her friends and stops by the kitchen to ask what is being served. Pancakes and blueberry sauce! Her favorite! She goes to her cubby where she removes her jacket and puts away her items brought from home – a favorite stuffed animal and blanket for naptime. She may visit these items during the day but they stay in her cubby until naptime.

 Jane enters the classroom and is greeted by her teacher and classmates. With a quick hug for her Mom she joins her friends who are listening to a book being read by the teacher. This is a nice way for her to ease into the hustle and bustle of the day.

Breakfast arrives at 8am and Jane has already washed her hands and is helping set the table.

After breakfast Jane will choose from a variety of activities including playing with toys, blocks, sand, and water; participating in art, music and movement experiences; cooking; outdoor play; and using the computer.

The morning ends with outdoor play and then it is time for lunch. Like breakfast it is served family style. Teachers and children talk about their morning experiences, share stories about family and friends and make plans for later in the day. After brushing teeth children make their way to their mats for nap time. A book may be selected to look at before lights are turned out. Quiet music sets the mood for napping. All children must rest quietly for a period of time. Those who do not fall asleep after a half hour may quietly play in the room without disturbing those who are sleeping.

Snack and free play follow naptime. Jane may choose to play with friends or may choose a quiet activity by herself. Different children have different tolerances for group play. Family Focus Early Learning Centers provide space for solitude during the day. While easily supervised these places offer a child a chance to get away by herself.

Before long Jane’s Mom comes to pick her up. She checks with her teacher to see how her day was. If anything significant has happened she will get a written report. Communication with parents is key to a partnership for caring for children. Jane’s Mom knows that if she has questions about anything going on at the center or with Jane she can check in with the Family Support Worker. This person can answer her questions and get her information and referrals to other services if needed.