Infant Care

Young children’s social/emotional development involves the way they feel about themselves, their understanding of feelings, their ability to regulate emotions and express them appropriately, and their capacity for building relationships with others. It flourishes when they have close, supportive, and trusting relationships with adults. When adults are responsive, when they share the pleasure of children’s accomplishments and discoveries, and when they create an environment in which children can participate actively in daily routines and experiences, they show children that they are important, interesting, and competent.

In the Early Learning Centers each child’s routines associated with hellos/good-byes, diapering/toileting, eating, napping and dressing are respected. Each child’s emotional needs are responded to with warm comforting holding, rocking, singing, etc.

Family Focus strongly supports breast feeding babies whenever possible. We will provide you with a quiet place to nurse your infant and work with you to feed your infant at times that will coordinate with your and your baby’s schedule and needs.